Terracotta floor maintenance? Clean and protect these rustic tiles with HG

A terracotta floor will always be a popular choice. This is especially because of the rural and rustic atmosphere of the tiles that have literally been formed by baking clay. For thousands of years, humans have made objects from clay that is baked at a temperature of 800 - 1000°C. Italy and Spain have a particularly rich tradition in this field.

The first documents to attest to the production of terracotta in the Italian Chianti area date from the 11th century, while Spain developed its earthenware and tile industry that was to flourish in the 15th century. The rustic terracotta style is not only determined by the very special, warm colour (as a result of iron oxide in the clay), but also by the porous nature of the tiles. Good maintenance of terracotta floors is therefore essential, as is careful cleaning.

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Protect the beauty of your terracotta floor

Protect the beauty of your terracotta floor

HG has various products in its range that are designed for proper cleaning and maintenance of your terracotta floor. There is a special wax that further enhances the colour of the tiles, for example, defining the authentic character of the floor even more strongly. At the same time, this product gives the tile a warm and rustic eggshell gloss.

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