Living room & other rooms

The living room, bedroom and other rooms are where we live. That's where we spend our time at home. It's normal that surfaces become dirty and that things become a little worn. With our broad range of specialised products, you can keep everything in these rooms beautiful and in good condition. It means you can continue to enjoy your belongings and you stay comfortable in your own rooms. Without unpleasant smells, dirt, stains or visible wear.

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HG ECO glass cleaner

  • Dries quickly and without streaks

HG multi cleaner interior spray

  • Interior spray removes grease, dirt, fingerprints and rings easily

HG intensive plastic cleaner

  • Also for paintwork and wallpaper

HG stove polish

  • Revitalises and protects

HG stove glass cleaner

  • Dissolves soot, grease and tar

HG chimney soot remover

  • Cleans the chimney flue, open hearth and multi-burner

HG furniture polish

  • Dust, scratches and stains disappear

HG meubeline

  • Repairs white water stains, scratches, bleached and aged surfaces

HG meubeline for light-coloured woods

  • Repairs white water rings, stains, scratches, bleached and aged surfaces

HG nourishing oil oak furniture

  • Nourishes, protects, and enhances

HG nourishing oil teak furniture

  • Nourishes, protects, and enhances

HG 4 in 1 for leather

  • Protects, nourishes, beautifies and cleans

HG leather balm

  • Keeps leather supple, strong and beautiful

HG keyboard cleaner

  • Cleans quickly and effectively

HG compressed-air cleaner

  • Easily cleans difficult to reach places

HG eliminator of all unpleasant smells at source

  • Does not mask but removes the source of the odour once and for all

HG mattress freshener

  • For regular freshening up and to remove problematic odours

HG shoe deo

  • Neutralises perspiration odours

HG against bin smell

  • This bin air freshener absorbs smells and provides a fresh fragrance

HG air neutraliser for all bad smells

  • Does not mask but removes the source of the odour

HG silver & copper polish-no-more

  • Invisible, undetectable protective coating

HG silver shine cloth

  • Special impregnated cloth

HG jewellery cleaning bath

  • Ideal for all your jewellery and dress jewellery

HG gold shine balsam

  • Makes gold and gilt look like new

HG copper shine shampoo

  • Ideal for large and/or difficult to polish objects

HG copper shine cloth

  • Special impregnated cloth

HG floor glue remover

  • Much better than all others

HG wallpaper remover

  • Super concentrated wallpaper removal

HG sticker remover

  • Removes sticker adhesive, rubber adhesive, adhesive tape, tar and grease stains

HG paint power stripper

  • Removes even 2-component epoxy & polyurethane paints

HG decorative plaster cleaner

  • For decorative plaster, stucco, sanded surfaces and ceiling plates