HG hardwood restorerMaintaining and protecting hardwood garden furniture

HG hardwood restorerMaintaining and protecting hardwood garden furniture

Treating hardwood garden furniture and restoring its colour? HG hardwood restorer maintains and protects hardwood garden furniture. It deepens the colour and gives a beautiful, natural glow to your garden furniture. Hardwood contains mineral components, which can discolour from the effects of the weather. This can cause hardwood to look grey after a while. With our hardwood restorer greyish garden furniture is a thing of the past!

  • Restores the natural colour
  • Quick and easy to apply
  • For top condition all season long

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HG hardwood restorer

HG hardwood restorer



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Hardwood restorer prevents and repairs greying

HG hardwood restorer prevents and repairs the so-called greying of the wood. Our hardwood restorer quickly and easily brings garden furniture in top condition for months, and makes it water-repellent too. We also have other products for hardwood garden furniture maintenance, such as HG hardwood colour renovator and HG teak and other hardwood restorer.

How do you use HG hardwood restorer?

Follow the steps below for hardwood restoration and to prevent and repair the greying of wood with HG hardwood restorer:

  1. Before use, remove dust and dirt with a clean cloth or brush.
  2. Only severely greyed areas should be sanded lightly first.
  3. Then spray HG hardwood restorer evenly onto the wood and wipe off any drops with a dry cloth.
  4. Allow the hardwood restorer to penetrate and gently polish after 15 minutes using a clean and dry cloth.
HG hardwood restorer

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