Thinking about cleaning a tent? We have the best tips for how to clean a tent!

When you go camping, your tent is exposed to the elements 24 hours a day. On holiday you were unable to pack your tent whilst it was dry. Or the tent became really dirty with resin, bird droppings or mud. Don't put off cleaning your tent and the tent fabric. Cleaning it will prevent your tent from becoming mouldy and mildewy. To make your tent last as long as possible, good maintenance and cleaning on time are really important.

Cleaning a canvas tent with HG

cleaning a tentYou've come back from a fantastic holiday and you want to clean your tent and air dry it completely before you put it away in the loft or the shed? Use HG awning and tent cleaner. HG awning and tent cleaner is extremely suitable for cleaning a (canvas) tent and tent extension quickly and easily. 

Use the following steps to clean your tent with HG awning and tent cleaner:

  1. First moisten the fabric with water. 
  2. Spray the tent cleaner evenly on the fabric. Brush in the cleaner with a clean brush or broom.
  3. Leave to absorb for at least five minutes. Make sure it doesn't dry out.
  4. Then brush the surface once more after absorbing. 
  5. Then rinse off with plenty of water.

After washing a tent with HG awning and tent cleaner, your tent looks like new! 

How to wash a tent? Remember the material!

Tents are available in all shapes, sizes, layouts and colours, but also in different materials. Before you start cleaning your tent fabric, it is important to know what material it is made of. Not all tents are the same. Remember the material type and prevent damage to your tent fabric. 

Clean synthetic tent fabric
If you have a tent made of polyester, nylon, PVC or another synthetic material, it is best to clean your tent with a brush and lukewarm water. If there are difficult stains or you want to know how to clean a tent with mould, use HG awning and tent cleaner

How to clean a canvas tent
Do you have a stain on your tent canvas, it is essential to act as quickly as possible. Remove the stain immediately with lukewarm water and a soft brush or soft cloth. If that didn't work, you need a special cleaner for canvas.

Treat every stain in the right way

This applies to all stains: the sooner, the better...the easier it is to remove a stain. Always try to clean the affected area with water first. Below we provide some tips on how you can clean different types of stain on your tent fabric:

  • Resin
    Did you have your tent under a tree on your holiday? Chances are that you have resin on your tent fabric. It is best to leave resin to dry out first. Then scrape off the resin carefully with a spoon, for example.
  • Red win
    Clean red-wine stains on your tent fabric by sprinkling salt on top. Leave that to absorb, dab with kitchen roll and rinse with lukewarm water.
  • how to clean a tentGrease
    Dab grease stains with kitchen roll first. Never rub on a grease stain, because all you do is spread the problem. When you’re back home, it is best to clean your tent with a special cleaning product for tent fabrics, such as HG awning and tent cleaner. 
  • How to get mould off the inner tent
    The mantra for mould and mildew is that prevention is better than cure. Do you need to know how to remove mould from a tent anyway? It is best to brush it off with lukewarm water, but it is often too late. When you're back home, clean your tent with the special HG cleaner.
  • Green deposits
    Green deposits are also best to avoid. If you do have green deposits, clean your tent fabric with HG awning and tent cleaner

How do I clean my groundsheet/footprint?

A groundsheet, also known as a footprint, is essential when you go camping. It is the floor for your tent and tent extension as it were. A groundsheet prevents wet feet and vermin. If you don't want to buy a new groundsheet every year, it is important to clean your groundsheet properly. It is best to clean your groundsheet/footprint with lukewarm water and a good brush or broom. Leave it to dry and then fold it.

How to clean tent canvas? Do not use soap or aggressive cleaning products!

The biggest mistake you can make when you clean your tent fabric is to use soap, vinegar or other aggressive cleaning products. Yes, chances are that you will get rid of the stain but you will also cause invisible damage to your tent fabric and its coating. The result is that next holiday you will have leaks when it rains or when the night air is damp. 

If you have a good tip for cleaning your tent or groundsheet, please let us know!

Frequently Asked Questions about cleaning a tent

Which HG product do I use to clean my tent fabric?

With HG awning and tent cleaner it is easy to clean your tent.

How do I remove green deposits from the tent fabric?

The best way to remove green deposits from your tent, is to make sure these deposits don't stand a chance. Green deposits have much less chance to bond to the tent fabric, when the fabric has been impregnated properly with a product. If the fabric was impregnated properly, you can remove the green deposits easily with a soft brush and warm water.

How to get mould off a tent?

For mould and mildew on a tent too, it is better to prevent mould and mildew than cure it. You prevent mould by impregnating the tent fabric. See also the question about green deposits to find out how.

What should I not use to clean my tent fabric?

When you clean your tent fabric, it is best not to use the following:

  • Aggressive cleaning products
  • Washing-up liquid or all-purpose cleaner
  • (White) Vinegar
  • Soft household soap and water

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