How to clean silver cutlery | 5 tips on how to clean silver-plated cutlery safely

In the festive season, for a dinner with friends, or to make an ordinary day something special. Silver cutlery turns any meal into a feast. should sparkle of course. Many people save their silver cutlery for special occasions. It’s actually that infrequent use that may cause silver to turn dull or dark. How can you polish silver cutlery quickly without damaging it? We provide a few quick and convenient tips for cleaning cutlery and polishing silver without producing scratches. They also work for silver-plated cutlery.

Clean silver cutlery quickly and safely with HG

how to clean silver cutleryYou can polish silver cutlery quickly and safely with HG silver polish. This silver polish does not scratch but does return the sparkle to the cutlery. The special polishing products remove the tarnish during rubbing, which means that hard polishing is no longer necessary. 

How to clean tarnished cutlery with HG silver polish:

  1. Remove any existing protective coatings, such as HG silver and copper protector with acetone. 
  2. Shake the bottle well before use. 
  3. Apply a small quantity of HG silver polish to a lint-free polishing cloth, and rub lightly onto the silver object. The dirt, such as black deposits, will disappear during this process.
  4. Leave the silver jewellery cleaner to dry for about 1 minute and then buff up lightly until the silver cream has disappeared completely. Use a clean piece of cloth.

Alternative action plan: How to polish cutlery with soda

It is quickest and safest to polish your silver forks, spoons and knives with HG silver polish. There are alternative methods for cleaning cutlery. For example, clean silver cutlery with soda and aluminium foil. We cannot guarantee their effectiveness and although soda and aluminium foil are not aggressive products, you use them at your own risk. This is how you clean silver cutlery with aluminium foil and soda:

  1. Put aluminium foil with the dull side up in a bowl.
  2. Then fill the bowl with warm to hot water.
  3. Sprinkle soda in the bowl.
  4. Put the silver cutlery in the bowl and leave it there for about one minute.
  5. Use tongs to turn over the cutlery and leave it for another minute.
  6. Remove the silver cutlery from the bowl with the tongs and put it on a tea towel.
  7. Polish the cutlery with a dry and clean tea towel.

It is better not to touch the silver cutlery with your hands during this process.

More products for cleaning silver-plated cutlery or silver cutlery

You can polish silver cutlery with soda, but there are more DIY products you can use to clean cutlery. You have to be very careful with some products and not polish too hard.

   1. Clean silver cutlery with ketchup
Ketchup is a good product for cleaning silver cutlery. It breaks down the carbon. Carbon is what causes the black marks. Leave the cutlery in the ketchup for about 10 minutes, rinse with water and polish it dry.

how to clean silver-plated cutlery   2. Polish silver cutlery with toothpaste
You can also polish silver cutlery with toothpaste and a toothbrush. Use ordinary toothpaste and a soft toothbrush, otherwise you end up with scratches. Polish the cutlery, rinse it off and then dry it with a microfibre cloth.

  3. Clean silver cutlery with lemon juice
Lemon juice can also work as a cleaning product for silver cutlery. Put some in a bowl and dip a soft toothbrush in the juice. Gently use the brush to clean the cutlery. 

If you have a good tip for cleaning silver cutlery, please let us know!

Frequently Asked Questions on how to clean silver cutlery

How can I make silver cutlery look good again?

The best product is HG silver polish. Alternatively, you can put silver cutlery in a bowl with warm to hot water with aluminium foil on the bottom. Sprinkle some soda in it too. Turn it after a few minutes and leave to soak a little longer. Then dry it off.

How do I clean tarnished silver with DIY products?

You can clean silver cutlery with the following methods. Be careful!

  • Soak in ketchup
  • Polish with toothpaste and a soft toothbrush
  • Polish with lemon juice and a soft toothbrush


Which HG product do I use to clean my silver cutlery?

You can polish silver cutlery quickly and safely with HG silver polish. This silver polish does not scratch but does return the sparkle.

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