How to wash a caravan | A simple action plan for cleaning the caravan

A caravan has a lot to endure. It is often outside and sunlight, rain, sand and leaves will make it dirty quickly. Particularly in autumn and winter. Even when the caravan is stored indoors, it will not stay completely clean. It is always nice to clean the caravan before you go on holiday. You can have your caravan cleaned of course. But with our tips and action plan for cleaning your caravan, you can make a tidy start to your holidays.

HG has everything you need for a caravan wash

how to wash a caravan

HG has everything you need for cleaning the caravan. Are you cleaning a caravan roof and the rest of the outside? That's easy with HG car wax shampoo. This wax shampoo is an ultramodern cleaner that is suitable for your car, but you can also wash your caravan with this car shampoo and use it as a caravan shampoo. You can clean your caravan windows with HG windscreen cleaner. You're going to do the inside at the same time? Take a look at our product page. We have a solution for everything. Whether it is appliances or furniture.

Tips for cleaning a caravan

Before we give you the action plan for cleaning your caravan, we provide a few tips for the things you need to remember when you wash a caravan.

  • Wash a caravan in sections

Wash one side at a time. Otherwise some cleaning products will dry out before they are rinsed off.

  • Not in the sun

It is usually better not to wash the caravan in full sun. It makes the shampoo dry out faster.

  • Work from the bottom to the top

This may sound strange, but it is better to wash a caravan from the bottom to the top. It means there are no runners.

  • Don't stand on the roof

Cleaning a caravan roof is difficult, but don't walk on it. Cleaning a caravan roof is better from a ladder next to it.

  • Don’t use a high-pressure jet

Dirt disappears quickly with a high-pressure jet, but don't use it to clean your caravan. The pressure may damage the paint or the jet may enter the caravan. Even when the windows are shut. It's better to use the hosepipe.

  • Not in the carwash

It is tempting to clean your caravan in a carwash. Don't do it! It can produce scratches.

  • Use special products

You can clean the caravan with a multipurpose cleaner. Or other products, but it is best to use special products such as HG car wax shampoo. Don't use aggressive cleaning products at all.

Action plan: how to clean my caravan?

caravan wash

Use the following action plan for washing a caravan:

  1. First rinse the outside of the caravan. That way you remove the worst of the dirt first. Then start rinsing the outside of the caravan properly.
  2. Now you can wash the caravan with HG car wax shampoo for example. Do it section by section, so that the shampoo does not dry out. Use a soft sponge or a microfibre cloth. Or a cloth to wash the caravan with car wax shampoo. Rinse the caravan in between.
  3. When all sides, and the roof, are clean, you can clean the caravan windows. Again, it is better to use a special product, such as HG windscreen cleaner.
  4. Rinse the entire caravan properly with the hosepipe. That’s how you remove the last little bits.
  5. Once you've washed the caravan, you can wax it. That's also done with HG car wax shampoo.
  6. Now your caravan is clean again.
If you have a good tip for washing a caravan, please let us know!

Frequently Asked Questions about how to wash a caravan

What do I need to remember when I wash the caravan?

The following tips make washing the caravan easier:

  • Wash the caravan in sections
  • Don't wash the caravan in bright sunlight
  • Work from the bottom to the top
  • Don't stand on the roof
  • Don’t use a high-pressure jet
  • Don't use the carwash
  • Use special products

How should I clean my caravan?

Use the following action plan for washing a caravan:

  • Rinse the caravan first
  • Wash the caravan section by section
  • Clean the windows
  • Rinse the caravan completely
  • Wax the caravan

Which HG product do I use to clean the caravan?

It is easy to clean the caravan with HG car wax shampoo.

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