Remove bird poop from a car. Some tips to get it off.

So you need some tips for removing bird poop from a car? Bird droppings on car paint looks dirty and messy, and it is extremely harmful to the paintwork. To prevent damage, it is important to clean bird poop off a car as quickly as possible. The acids in bird poop damage your car paint. It is important to be on the look-out, so you can remove a bird poop stain from your car as soon as possible. If you did not manage to remove the bird poop on your car for a week, don’t worry. With our tips you can remove bird poop safely from your car.

Remove bird poop on car paint with HG

Do you have bird poop on a windscreen? You will notice that you cannot remove it from your windscreen with windscreen fluid and windscreen wipers. HG car windscreen cleaner is the quick and easy way to remove bird droppings from your windscreen without leaving streaks. Do you have a bird poop stain on car paint? HG car insect remover is also ideal to get bird poop off a car. It softens the bird droppings, so you can remove them safely from your car paint. 

The best way to clean bird poop off a car with HG insect remover:

  1. Spray the bird droppings liberally with HG insect remover and leave it to absorb for a few minutes.
  2. Then rub it off with soft and dry cloth.

How to remove bird poop etching from a car? Alternative methods

Besides using HG car windscreen cleaner, there are other ways to remove bird poop from your car paint. We cannot guarantee these methods work. You always use these products at your own risk. 

  1. How to get rid of bird poop on a car with lukewarm waterIs it recent? You can simply remove bird droppings from your car paint with lots of lukewarm water. Usually you can rinse off the droppings quickly with lukewarm water.
  2. The best way to get bird poop off a car with a grease remover
    A grease remover is also a good solution for removing bird poop from your car. Mix a grease remover, such as washing-up liquid, car shampoo or soft household soap with warm water. The warmth of the water softens the droppings and helps to remove the bird poop from your car.

How to remove dried bird poop from a car?

Bird droppings are far from harmless. It is said that the chemical composition of bird poop is harmful, because they eat food rich in protein. Others dispute that. Even so, it has been studied that with temperature differences car paint expands or contracts and can slowly form around the stain. That is a slow process. So it's better to be safe than sorry and not to leave the bird poop on your car paint for too long. There is a chance that the bird poop will start to affect and damage the paint. Has the poop dried out already? Put a drenched, soft sponge on the poop for a while to remove the bird poop. Then remove the stain by dabbing. 

Always throw away used cloths or sponges, or wash them at a high temperature. Always wash your hands properly after removing bird poop. Bird droppings can carry a range of illnesses.

Tips for how to remove bird shit stains

You can simply end up with bird droppings on your car. And you don't have an opportunity to remove it immediately. Sure it happens, but remember the following tips:

  • Don't park your car out in the sun. Sunlight and heat ensure that the acids of the bird poop draw into the car's paintwork even quicker. Make sure you park your car in a covered or underground car park or in the shade. 
  • Do not rub. By rubbing dried and hard bird droppings, chances are you will scratch the paintwork.
  • If you made sure that your car is waxed properly, the chances bird poop acids drawing into the paintwork are a lot smaller. 
  •  Never use scouring products or other products that may scratch. Those products will cause more damage to your paintwork than the bird poop. 
  • If you can stop birds from pooping on the car that is best of all. Try to avoid parking your car in the 'danger zone’, so do not park under trees. If you have no choice and your car is parked in the same place for a long time? Consider buying a protective cover. 

If you have a good tip for how to remove bird shit stains, please let us know!

Frequently Asked Questions about the best way to get bird poop off a car

Which HG product do I use to remove dried bird poop on a car?

HG insect remover is also ideal for removing bird droppings on a car, as it softens the droppings quickly.

The best way to remove bird poop from a car?

You can remove bird droppings on a car with:

  • Lukewarm water
  • A grease remover

What should I avoid at all cost when I have bird poop on a car?

When you have bird poop on your car, you should not:

  • Rub
  • Use a scouring agent
  • Park your car out in the sun

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