Cleaning and maintenance products for Unglazed floor tiles (inc. porcelain)/ flagstones

Which treatment does it concern?

apply glossy film against dirt, scratching and other damage

HG protective coating satin finish


persistant problem soiling of polish and other protective films

HG extreme power cleaner


protection against dirt

HG impregnating protector


protection of porcellanato against dirt

HG stain protector


quick and simple removal of cement free floor adhesive

HG floor glue remover


regular cleaning - mopping product

HG tile cleaner (porcelain cleaner)


regular cleaning, while restoring gloss at the same time - mopping product

HG shine restoring tile cleaner


regular, streak-free cleaning of all types of (glossy) floors - mopping product

HG polished tile cleaner


removal of cement and grout film

HG cement grout film remover


removal of extremely strong soiling and old polish and other protective films

HG tile power cleaner effectively removes grease and caked-on dirt


removal of heel and sole marks

HG sticker remover


removal of oil and grease stains

HG spot stain remover


removal of stubborn mortar, cement and grout residues

HG cement, mortar & efflorescence remover


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