Cleaning and maintenance products for Unglazed floor tiles (inc. porcelain)/ flagstones

Which treatment does it concern?

apply glossy film against dirt, scratching and other damage

HG protective coating satin finish

  • A wafer-thin yet extremely protective coating

persistant problem soiling of polish and other protective films

HG extreme power cleaner

  • Extremely strong grease and dirt remover

protection against dirt

HG impregnating protector

  • Basic treatment for invisible protection against penetrating dirt and grease (stains)

protection of porcellanato against dirt

HG stain protector

  • Invisible tile protector protects against stains and  penetrating and stubborn dirt

quick and simple removal of cement free floor adhesive

HG floor glue remover

  • Much better than all others

regular cleaning - mopping product

HG tile cleaner (porcelain cleaner)

  • Freshly scented and highly-concentrated mopping tile cleaner

regular cleaning, while restoring gloss at the same time - mopping product

HG shine restoring tile cleaner

  • Fresh-smelling, concentrated mopping cleaner.

regular, streak-free cleaning of all types of (glossy) floors - mopping product

HG polished tile cleaner

  • Fresh-smelling, concentrated floor cleaner

removal of cement and grout film

HG cement grout film remover

  • For porous and non-porous ceramic tiles and flagstones

removal of heel and sole marks

HG sticker remover

  • Removes e.g. sticker glue, rubber-based glue, sellotape, tar and smear marks

removal of oil and grease stains

HG spot stain remover

  • Removes grease and oil stains

removal of stubborn mortar, cement and grout residues

HG cement, mortar & efflorescence remover

  • This cement remover removes stubborn cement residue from, among others, porous and non-porous ceramic tiles and flagstones