HG floor glue removerThé fastest working floor glue remove

HG floor glue removerThé fastest working floor glue remove

HG floor glue remover removes the most stubborn adhesives and glue residues from almost all surfaces. This extra strong and fast working floor glue remover is suitable for the removal of the most stubborn glue types.

  • Much better than all others
  • Removes the most stubborn glue (residue)
  • Suitable for almost all surfaces

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HG floor glue remover

HG floor glue remover



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Floor glue remover for the removal of the most stubborn glue

Removing glue residue? HG floor glue remover removes carpet glue, but also vinyl, resin, parquet, cork, tile, wall and floor covering glues, as well as tix and construction adhesive. Perfect tile adhesive remover or to remove adhesive from stairs. This floor tile adhesive remover does not contain any environmentally harmful or toxic chemicals (dichloromethane and methanol). The product is biodegradable and can be used on all types of surfaces. It is suitable as carpet glue remover, floor adhesive remover and (vinyl) floor adhesive remover.

How do you use HG floor glue remover?

Follow the steps below for correct use of HG floor glue remover.

  1. Start by cutting the carpet into strips, roll them up and remove them. (Vinyl) flooring that is difficult to remove must be perforated with a spiked roller or similar tool first. 
  2. The floor glue remover from HG must be able to penetrate the adhesive layer in order to be able to remove it. Use a brush to cover adhesive residues liberally with HG floor glue remover. 
  3. Cut away the residues with a filling knife after approximately 10 to 15 minutes. 
  4. Now rinse the surface well with water. 
  5. The surface must be properly dry before applying new wall or floor covering.
HG floor glue remover

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