HG colour run restorer for whitesrestores discolouration

HG colour run restorer for whites restores discolouration

Has your white laundry become discoloured when washed with a garment that was not colourfast? No problem if you use a laundry colour run remover! HG colour run restorer for whites makes it possible to restore the laundry.

  • for both hand and machine wash
  • also suitable for wool
  • suitable for all temperatures, so can be used with warm water and cold water
  • enough for 2 washes

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HG colour run restorer for whites

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HG colour run restorer for whites

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Also the colour remover for run white delicate fabrics

HG colour run restorer for whites is suitable for both machine and hand wash. And it is also completely safe for more delicate fabrics such as wool. This colour remover for clothes is sufficient for approximately 2 washing machine washes or 4 hand washes.

How to use colour run restorer from HG?

Do you have to remove colour stains on clothes? Follow the steps below to remove dye with HG colour run restorer for whites:

For a good result it is important not to leave the discoloured garments to dry too long after the laundry accident, but to keep them wet. Treat the discoloured garments as soon as possible with HG’s colour restorer for fabric. Remember to check the care label.

Machine wash:

  1. For machine washing, add approximately 100 grams to the main detergent tray.
  2. Start the main programme without adding any other detergent.

Hand wash:

  1. For washing by hand, dissolve approximately 50 grams in approximately 5L of water.
  2. Leave the discoloured laundry to soak for approximately 2 hours. Occasionally turn over the laundry during soaking.
  3. Wring out carefully and rinse well with clean water twice.

Label information

Volume : 200gr
Article number : 275030106
GTIN (EAN code) : 8711577270575

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