HG grease away refillThe extremely economical degreaser refill

HG grease away refillThe extremely economical degreaser refill

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HG grease away refill is an economical 5x refill degreaser concentrate for refilling the HG grease away spray bottle. The content of the bottle is so concentrated that you can produce 500ml of HG grease away 5 times.

  • For 5 refills
  • Concentrated
  • Easy to top up with water
  • Extremely economical

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Refill your degreaser HG grease away 5 times with the very economical HG grease away refill

HG grease away refill is an economical 5x refill kitchen degreaser concentrate for HG grease away. HG grease away is a kitchen degreaser spray that removes animal and vegetable fats and food oils from stainless steel, galvanised steel, enamel and aluminium surfaces effectively and safely. This degreaser cleaner is also suitable for ceramic tiles and plastic. Ideal grease cleaner for simple and complete degreasing the kitchen after cooking.

How do you use HG grease away refill?

Follow the instructions below on how to use HG grease away refill.

  1. Before refilling the original bottle, remove the spray head from the HG grease away.
  2. Pour 100ml of HG grease away refill 5x into the original HG grease away bottle and top it up with water.
  3. Put the spray head back on and shake the bottle well.

HG grease away refill

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