HG jewellery cleaning bathQuick and convenient jewellery cleaning bath

HG jewellery cleaning bath Quick and convenient jewellery cleaning bath

HG jewellery cleaning bath removes dirt quickly and efficiently so that jewellery looks shiny clean again. Our jewellery cleaning bath is suitable for cleaning jewellery, including gold and silver jewellery and dress jewellery. With our jewellery cleaning bath dull bracelets, necklaces or earrings regain their original shine.

  • Ideal for all your jewellery and dress jewellery
  • Clean quickly and conveniently
  • Includes tweezers and brush

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HG jewellery cleaning bath

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HG jewellery cleaning bath

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Why clean jewellery? 

Jewellery can start to look dull and dirty over time, largely because of skin grease. Skin grease dulls the jewellery. Skin grease is stubborn and retains other dirt, making jewellery look dull or black. With the simple and thorough cleaning process of the jewellery cleaner from HG, this dirt can be removed easily and efficiently. After the treatment your jewellery shines again!

How do you use HG jewellery cleaning bath?

Need to clean jewellery? Complete the following steps to clean jewellery quickly and effectively with HG jewellery cleaning bath:

  1. Immerse the jewellery in HG jewellery cleaning bath for 3 to 5 minutes.
  2. Remove the jewellery from the liquid with the supplied tweezers. Inaccessible places can be given extra treatment with the supplied brush.
  3. After treatment with the jewellery cleaner rinse the jewellery under running water and dry it with a lint-free cloth.
  4. The jewellery looks like new again!

Take a look at HG gold polish cloth to give jewellery their optimum shine. With the jewellery cleaner of HG, dirty jewellery is consigned to the past!

Label information

Volume : 300ml
Article number : 437030106
GTIN (EAN code) : 8711577011628
HG jewellery

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