HG silver shine clothThe silver polishing cloth for shiny silverware

HG silver shine clothThe silver polishing cloth for shiny silverware

HG silver shine cloth restores the shine to silver or silver-plated objects. Silver or silver-plated objects will retain their shiny appearance if you polish them with the HG silver shine cloth now and again. With the soft, supple cloth, it is really easy to maintain silver objects. With our HG silver polishing cloth, silver objects look like new again!

  • Special impregnated cloth
  • With cleaning and shine-restoring components
  • Large format cloth (30 x 30 cm)

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HG silver shine cloth

HG silver shine cloth



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Special silver cleaning cloth against oxidation

This special impregnated silver cloth is made of a top-quality fabric. Even slightly rusted silver and silver-plated objects shine again without any effort. The size of the cloth means the silver does not have to be handled with bare hands and that prevents rapid reoxidation due to fingerprints. Fingerprints on silver cause accelerated loss of shine. For objects with more oxidation we recommend HG silver shine cream or HG silver immersion bath.

How do you use the HG silver shine cloth?

Complete the following steps to have silverware shine again with the HG silver shine cloth:

  1. Polish the surface with the HG silver shine cloth until you create a shine (moisten the tip of the cloth if the oxidation is difficult to remove).
  2. Now remove the deposits from your silver object.
  3. The cloth will retain its polishing power until it is completely worn.

With our silver shining cloth your silver objects will shine again!

HG silver shine cloth

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