HG upholstery cleanerCleans and removes stains

HG upholstery cleanerCleans and removes stains

HG upholstery cleaner has been developed especially for safely removing stains and cleaning dirty upholstery in the car, caravan or boat. Frequent use makes your car upholstery grubby. Our upholstery cleaner deals quickly and specifically with dirt and stains in upholstery. The fabric looks like new again!

  • Cleans and removes stains
  • Invisible, dirt-repellent effect
  • For car, boat and caravan

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HG upholstery cleaner

HG upholstery cleaner



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Car upholstery cleaner with dirt-repellent effect

Intensive use makes the upholstery of a car, boat or caravan grubby pretty quickly. Stains that are the result of eating or drinking make the upholstery of a caravan, boat or car dirty. Our upholstery shampooer is the answer. To prevent it from getting worse or bleaching, it is important to choose an auto upholstery cleaner that was developed specifically for removing stains from upholstery and for cleaning dirty upholstery. After use, HG upholstery cleaner provides an invisible dirt-repellent effect which means the upholstery stains less quickly. 

How do you use HG upholstery cleaner?

Follow the steps below for optimum use of your HG upholstery cleaner.

  1. Spray the surface with the upholstery shampooer.
  2. Remove the dirt with a clean and absorbing cloth, preferably terrycloth or kitchen roll.
  3. Then rub the surface dry. Are the stains or the dirt worse? Work the surface with a soft brush.
  4. Leave HG upholstery cleaner to work for a few minutes and then rub the surface dry. If you have stubborn stains, you can repeat this treatment several times without risk. Remember that the car upholstery cleaner of HG is only suitable for fabric upholstery!
HG upholstery cleaner

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