HG windscreen de-icerQuick and effective de icer spray

HG windscreen de-icerQuick and effective de icer spray

HG windscreen de-icer removes snow and ice from windscreens easily, quickly and effectively. The de-icer spray is not harmful to the rubber, chrome or paintwork of your car. With HG windscreen de-icer you de-ice frozen windscreens in no time!

  • No more scraping
  • Works quickly and effectively
  • Prevents rapid refreezing

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De-icer spray that de-ices even heavily frosted windscreens

It is no longer necessary to scrape the windscreens, because even heavily frosted windscreens defrost really quickly with this car de-icer. Removes frost from windscreens quickly and effectively. An additional benefit of HG windscreen de-icer is that it prevents rapid refreezing. Driving off with frosted windscreens or not enough visibility can produce life-threatening situations. Fortunately, this is no longer necessary with the HG windscreen de-icer for your car. Ideal for winter, never scrape again!

How do you use HG windscreen de-icer? 

Complete the following steps for perfectly defrosted windscreens with HG windscreen de-icer.

  1. First remove thick layers of snow with a brush. 
  2. Then spray HG windscreen de-icer evenly onto the frosted windscreens and leave the de icer spray to work for a few seconds until the snow has disappeared and the ice melted. 
  3. We recommend spraying the windscreen wipers too. 
  4. Make sure the windscreen wipers have defrosted before you start using them. This prevents damage to the blades.

On a wintry day you’re on the road quickly with HG windscreen de-icer!

HG windscreen de-icer

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