How to clean dog paws | Cleaning dog paws safely with HG

It’s great fun to walk the dog. Unfortunately all that running and playing in nature can make your dog seriously dirty. Coming home can be less fun if it means the floor and the carpet are all dirty again. Fortunately, we have convenient tips for paw cleaning. But also for cleaning dog ears, their coat, and for cleaning dog eyes.

Why clean dog paws?

how to clean dog paws

There are several reasons for cleaning your dog's paws. Dog paws quickly become dirty when you walk the dog. During these walks, dogs can come into contact with dirt and with all types of harmful substances. Cleaning your dogs’ paws benefits the health of your dog too. Not to mention that it is nice to prevent dirt and dust at home. That's why it is a good idea to clean your dogs’ paws.



Clean dog paws with HG

With HG pet wipes it is safe and effortless to clean the paws of your dog and that makes them ideal for use after walking the dog. You prevent mess in the house caused by dirty paws. These wipes for dogs are safe for humans and animals, free of alcohol, perfume, or parabens. That also makes them extremely suitable for cleaning your dog’s ears, coat, and eyes.

What do you need to look for if you want to clean dog paws safely and effectively

What do you need to look for if you want to clean dog paws safely and effectively

Dogs are full of enthusiasm, so it's good to develop a routine for cleaning dog paws. Remember the following:

cleaning dog paws

  1. Watch out before you go in. Make sure your dog cannot run in. Hold it or keep it on the lead when you go in.
  2. Make sure that all the products you need are at the door you use with your dog.
  3. Remove any large bits of dirt with HG pet wipes or kitchen roll.
  4. Check there is nothing unhygienic on the paws of your dog.
  5. Specifically check between the toes and around the nails of your dog. Be careful when you clean those.

What do you need to look for when you clean a dog paw
If you see cuts or wounds, disinfect the paw with a suitable product. Always consult a vet when you see something you don't like the look of, for example a wound that does not look good or seems infected.

If you have a good tip for cleaning dog paws, please let us know.

Frequently Asked Questions about how to clean dog paws

How do you clean dog paws?

You can clean dog paws with a damp towel or a flannel. Large pieces of dirt can be removed with kitchen roll.

How do I keep my house clean when I have a dog?

The best way is to clean your dogs’ paws with HG pet wipes after you've been outside with the dog. For other stains and dirt caused by dogs you can use other products from our pet range.

Which HG product do I use to clean dog paws?

With HG pet wipes it is easy and safe to clean your dogs’ paws. They are ideal for when you've walked the dog and they prevent mess in your house caused by dog paws.

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