How to get rid of flies | What to do when you have flies in the house?

It is extremely likely that you will have to get rid of flies during the summer. That is the season with ideal weather conditions for flies and that’s the reason why they are abundant in your home at that time. What is the best way to get rid of flies? Fortunately, there are different ways to get rid of flies. We share some convenient tips for preventing nasty flies.

Why flies attack your home and how to get rid of them

how to get rid of fliesThere are several reasons why flies enter your home. Flies have an excellent sense of smell that attracts them into a house, as they will be able to find food.

At dusk they are attracted by light and, last by not least, by heat. So they are looking for warm airflows, and those are available inside houses.

Remember to have your doors and windows closed or to have insect screens on your doors and windows.

5 tips on how to get rid of flies and keep them out of your house in the first place

Besides keeping doors and windows closed and using insect screens, you can use the following DIY tips for keeping flies out of your house that we have found on various websites and blogs.

1. Fan
A fan provides cool air during hot days, but also helps to against insects. Flies stay well away from fans, because they do not like a cold airflow.

flies removal with fan2. Always clean up waste
It sounds obvious, but it makes a big difference if you keep your house and your garden clean. Do not let waste lie around. Fruit in particular is problematic! Empty your bin regularly. 

3. Turn the lights off
Flies are attracted by light. Try to have as few lights as possible on at night, to prevent flies from entering your home. 

4. Fill trays
Flies do not like certain strong smells. Put a tray with water and cloves, a pot of basil in the window sill or put an all-purpose cleaner with a strong lemon fragrance in a cup on the table. You can also use a tray with vinegar near a door or open window where the flies appear to enter. 

5. Hang up a bag of water
Hang up a bag of water. It has to be a transparent bag, like a sandwich bag or freezer bag. Hang it in the door frame and the flies are less likely to enter, because theory has it that they are frightened off by their own enlarged reflection.

If this proves to be ineffective, try the HG solutions that have been developed especially to get rid of flies.

HG shows you how to get rid of flies

Do you want to get rid of flies effectively? We have an effective electric fly swat in our range - the HGX electronic fly, wasp and mosquito eliminator.

An insect lamp to get rid of flies

Besides HG's effective solutions and tips to keep flies out of your house , you can also use an insect lamp that will catch the larger flies in particular. A UV insect lamp is the best way to kill flies and other insects. The insects are attracted by the light and heat of the lamp and will be killed by the electric shock they receive when they touch it.

If you have a good tip on how to get rid of flies, please let us know.

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