How to clean parquet floors? 5 tips for cleaning parquet floors

A parquet floor has an authentic, natural and durable look. Generally, such a floor is quite an investment. So you want to enjoy it for as long as possible. Besides proper maintenance it is also important to clean your parquet floor.

Cleaning parquet wood floors is not difficult, but you need to remember a couple of things if you think about how to clean this type of floor. For example, is your parquet oiled or varnished. Or neither. In this article we provide tips for mopping your parquet. It means your beautiful parquet floor will last longer.

Why should you clean your parquet floor?

how to clean parquet floorsA parquet floor is made of wood. This gives the floor a beautiful, robust look. There are different types of parquet, but all have a wooden top layer. 

Wood is a natural material. That makes it strong, but it also requires specific treatment. Wood absorbs moisture, grease and dirt easily. Exposure to too much humidity means that wood can start to warp. Therefore, most parquet floors are varnished or oiled. However, that is not essential. Not all products are suitable for an unvarnished parquet floor. By the same token, some products are not good for a varnished or an oiled floor. 

HG has many products for maintaining and protecting parquet floors. To continue enjoying your floor for a long time, it is important to clean it regularly by mopping your parquet.

Clean your parquet floor safely with HG.

HG has a wide range for cleaning parquet wooden floors. For oiled, varnished and untreated parquet floors

HG for varnished parquet floors
HG parquet cleaner extra strong has been developed specifically for removing stubborn dirt and grease from varnished parquet floors. You can use it to clean your floor without affecting the varnish. You can also use HG parquet cleaner for regular mopping of your varnished floor. This cleaner is also suitable for parquet floors that have been treated with HG parquet protective coatings. 

How to clean unsealed parquet floors
If you would like to clean a parquet floor that is not varnished, you could use HG laminate cleaner despite its name. This is safe for cleaning unvarnished parquet floors. Remember to wring out the mop properly so that the floor does not become too wet.

HG also has a comprehensive range for treating your parquet floors.

Complete the following steps for normal, thorough cleaning with HG parquet cleaner extra strong.

  1. Dissolve 1 litre of HG parquet cleaner extra strong in half a bucket (5L) of lukewarm water and apply with a floor cloth or mop.
  2. Leave this to absorb for approximately 5 minutes.
  3. Remove the solution from the surface with a mop or a floor cloth, rinsing and wringing it out regularly.
  4. Finally mop the floor once more with clean water.
  5. To remove drawn-in dirt or old polish or other protective coatings: Apply this product undiluted. Complete the steps described above.

4 tips for mopping parquet floors

cleaning parquet wood floors Would you like to try other methods first for mopping your parquet floor? You can find many tips on the internet. We would like to share some. Be careful! The product that is suitable depends on the treatment of your floor. 

Vacuum your parquet floor with a suitable vacuum cleaner brush before mopping it. You can also use a soft broom. Either way, do not use a hard broom to remove dust. This may affect the protective coating of treated parquet floors. Regularly change your mopping water during mopping to avoid scratching. Ensure you always wring out your mop properly.

1. Water for all parquet floors
You don’t want to use a specialised product? The floor is not too dirty? Mopping with just warm water is the best way to clean your parquet wood floor. Make sure the damp mop is not too wet. Or dry the floor after mopping. If too much moisture stays on the floor, this is bad for the wood. For an untreated floor it is always better to use distilled water.

2. Vinegar for treated parquet floors
Did you get grease stains on your parquet floor? You can add a little cleaning vinegar to the water. Do not use too much vinegar, because vinegar is a grease remover and may affect an oil coating. Once in a while doesn’t do any harm. To be absolutely certain, you can mop your parquet floor once more with just water.

3. Soft household soap for treated parquet floors
Soft household soap can be used to mop parquet floors. However, there is contradictory advice. Soft household soap is extremely greasy, and may not produce the best result on varnished floors.

4. Do not use bleach, ammonia or all-purpose cleaners
Use soft household soap and vinegar in limited amounts. However, these products are less aggressive than bleach, ammonia or all-purpose cleaners. If you use these products occasionally they won’t damage your parquet floor immediately. If you use them frequently, they do affect the varnish coating and ultimately your parquet. 

As you can see, it is extremely important that you take account of the finish of your parquet floor during cleaning. The above-mentioned tips work less well for stubborn dirt. If you prefer to have a guarantee, use our specialised HG floor cleaning products. HG has a suitable solution for every parquet floor that is safe and will even remove stubborn dirt from your floor.

Prevent your parquet floor from becoming dirty

The best solution for cleaning your parquet floor is to prevent it from becoming dirty in the first place. Houses are to live in, so you can never fully prevent the floor from becoming dirty. The tips below do help.

1. Door mat
Your parquet floor becomes less dirty with a door mat. By wiping your shoes properly, there is less dirt on the floor. And less moisture during wet weather.

2. Ventilation
If you just mopped your floor, try to ventilate. Your floor will dry quicker. Be careful if it is very hot or very cold outside.

3. Clean immediately
If you did get a stain on your parquet floor, clean it up immediately with a cloth. The stain will not absorb into the floor.

4. Treatment
Although oil, wax or varnish can be affected, it does protect your parquet floor. It is a good idea to protect your floor with those once every so often. HG has several products for this purpose.

If you have a good tip for cleaning a parquet floor, please let us know.

Frequently Asked Questions about the best way to clean parquet wood floors

Why is it important to clean a parquet floor?

A parquet floor is made of wood. Wood is a natural material. Wood absorbs moisture, grease and dirt easily. To continue enjoying your parquet floor for a long time, it is important to clean it regularly by mopping your parquet.

How can I clean my parquet floor?

How you clean your parquet depends on the treatment:

  • Whether your parquet is untreated. Or treated with oil or varnish. You can mop your parquet with water. Do not use too much water. Moisture is bad for wood.
  • For treated parquet floors you can add a little cleaning vinegar to the mopping water. Do not add too much.
  • You can also mop treated parquet floors with soft household soap. Do not add too much of that to the mopping water either. 
  • It is better not to use bleach, ammonia or an all-purpose cleaner for mopping your parquet floor. With frequent use, these products can affect the protective coating and the wood.

How do I prevent my parquet floor from becoming dirty?

With the following tips you can prevent your parquet floor from becoming dirty:

  • A door mat prevents too much dirt or moisture on the floor. 
  • By ventilating after mopping, your floor dries quicker.
  • Clean up stains immediately with a cloth. It prevents stains from drawing into the floor.
  • Treat your floor with a protective coating.

Which HG product do I use to clean my parquet floor?

HG has a suitable product for cleaning every type of parquet floor:

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