How to remove car stickers - We give you the best tips for how to remove sticker residue from a car

Do you have a sticker on your car that you would like to remove, because it's damaged or because you want a change? We would like to tell you how to remove decals from a car. For example, an old logo of your company, a sticker from your holiday destination, stickers that give your car a sporty look or a used car that came with stickers. Where do you start? We would like to give a few tips for removing stickers from a car.

Remove a sticker from your car with HG sticker remover

remove car stickersWould you like to remove one or more stickers from your car? HG has the perfect solution with HG sticker remover. With HG sticker remover, stickers and sticker adhesive will be gone forever. Before you start, be sure to test how the paintwork of your car responds to the sticker remover. Test in an area that is not visible on the outside.  

Complete the following steps to remove stickers or adhesive from your car with HG sticker remover:

  1. Always use HG sticker remover undiluted. 
  2. If you need to remove a paper car sticker, apply the sticker remover with a brush. How to remove vinyl stickers from a car? Loosen a corner first, so that the liquid can run between the sticker and the surface. 
  3. Then leave the sticker remover to absorb for a while. After that, it's easy to remove the car sticker. 
  4. You're still stuck with glue residues? You will want to remove those, too! Apply the sticker remover one more time. After a few seconds, you will be able to remove the sticker glue from your car with a cloth.

Remove car stickers with heat

Car stickers and other types of lettering can be removed with heat. By heating the car stickers, the glue softens and it is easy to pull the stickers from your car. Almost all car stickers respond to temperature differences.

We cannot guarantee the effectiveness of removing car stickers with a heat source. You use the tips below completely at your own risk. 

  • Remove bits of a sticker with a hair dryer
    Most people will have a hair dryer at home. Did you know that this is the ideal tool for removing stubborn stickers from your car? The heat of the hair dryer ensures the sticker comes off. The sticker comes away from the car? Now pull it off, carefully, at a straight angle. Any remaining glue on your car can be removed with a cleaner or a degreaser.

  • Remove sticker residues with a steam machine
    Do you need to remove a large sticker and sticker residues from your car? A steam machine may be the answer. A steam machine works on the same principle as the hair dryer, but on a larger scale.

Alternative tips for how to remove stickers from a car without damaging the paint

how to remove car stickersHG sticker remover is the best solution for removing stickers from your car. However, we would like to provide you with some other tips for removing stickers and sticker residues from your car. Again, we do not guarantee that these tips and products are effective. 

  • Oil
    Oil is a totally safe product for removing stickers and sticker residues from your car. However, it is not certain that the sticker will come away completely with the baby oil. It does depend on the sticker material or the surface the sticker is on. 

  • Eraser wheel
    An eraser wheel is highly effective for removing stickers from your car. Attach the eraser wheel to your drill. The advantage of eraser wheels is that they work quickly and simply and they don't scratch.

Remove car stickers? Be careful with DIY products

There are many myths when it comes to removing car stickers. DIY products often play a lead role in these urban myths. Our advice is to be really careful with these types of products when you remove stickers from your car. Products, such as citric acid, hairspray and cleaning vinegar would appear effective, but are extremely likely to affect the shine of your paint, because they are aggressive. 

If you have a good tip for removing stickers or adhesive from a car, please let us know!

Frequently Asked Questions about removing car stickers

Is it wise to scratch stickers from the car?

No, chances are that your finger nails only loosen the top layer of the stickers.

How can I remove stickers from my car?

There are different ways of removing stickers from your car:

  • With HG sticker remover
  • With heat, such as a hair dryer or a steam cleaner
  • With oil
  • With an eraser wheel

Which HG product do I use to remove stickers from my car?

HG sticker remover is the best solution in the HG range for removing car stickers and sticker residues from your car.

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