How to remove permanent marker. 5 tips on how to remove permanent marker from clothes

There are many ways to remove marker pen from clothes, despite the fact that these are difficult stains. In this article we share 5 tips for removing felt tip pen from clothing, to make sure you can wear your marked clothes without stains.

4 DIY tips on how to remove permanent marker from clothes

Removing permanent marker or felt tip pen from clothing can be a tricky job. Various tips are shared on the internet. HG randomly selected a number of tips that could help you to remove marker pen from clothes. If you are looking for a quick and effective cleaner that removes permanent marker stains, use HG stain away no. 2.

How to remove permanent marker1. Whiteboard marker and rubber

When marker pen has ended up on your clothing, a whiteboard marker can be of help. Write with the whiteboard marker over the mark on the clothing and moisten it with a damp cloth. Now take a rubber and go over the mark on the clothing to remove it.

2. Scouring agent 

You can also try to remove the marker pen from the clothing with a scouring agent. Apply a small amount of this product on a damp cloth or wet sponge and rub it gently on the stain. Then rinse the garment with water and put it in the washing machine to wash out the remaining scouring agent.

3. Milk

Sometimes it is possible to remove felt tip pen from clothing by treating it with milk. Fill a bowl with milk and fully submerge the stained part of the clothing. Make sure the fabric is soaked completely in the milk and leave it to absorb for 15 minutes. Then wash the item of clothing in the washing machine.

4. Alcohol

You can also use alcohol to remove permanent marker from clothes. Products, such as disinfectant alcohol, nail polish remover or hair spray, contain plenty of alcohol and can help to remove permanent marker. They break down the chemicals of the marker pen, making it easier to remove the marks. Apply the product on some cotton wool and rub it carefully onto the stain.

NB: Do you use nail polish remover? Make sure it is the colourless version. Otherwise, its colour could end up staining the fabric.

HG is the solution for effectively removing felt tip pen from clothing

remove permanent markerYou want to be sure of the result and not cause more stains with the DIY products? Use HG stain away no. 2. This stain remover removes felt tip pen from clothing easily and effectively. This product is also effective against other persistent stains in fabric, such as grease, oil, shoe polish, et cetera. HG stain away no. 2 is one of our 7 special HG stain remover products.

For the best result, you complete the following steps to remove felt tip pen from clothing without difficulties.

  1. Treat an inconspicuous part of the fabric first to test it for colourfastness.
  2. Now remove the remnants of the stain as much as possible.
  3. Fill a dish with HG stain away no. 2 and put the part with the stain in the dish.
  4. Leave to soak for 10 to 15 minutes, but don’t let it dry out.
  5. Now rub the fabric against the fabric and rinse properly with warm water.
  6. If necessary, repeat the treatment and leave it to work for longer, but do not let the liquid dry out.
  7. Put smaller stains on an absorbent white surface, such as a white tissue for example.
  8. Dab it with a cloth drenched in the product and then rinse with warm water.

3 tips to prevent felt tip on clothes

Prevention is better than, the cure. So HG would like to share the following convenient tips to prevent marker pen or felt tip pen from getting on your clothes. Accidents do happen, but there are ways to reduce the chance of felt tip pen on your clothes.

Dark clothes

If you simply have to use permanent marker pens or felt tip pens? Wear darker clothes. Marks show up less.

Wear aprons

Are your children busy working with felt tip pens? Make sure they wear an apron. Their clothing is now largely protected against stains. Keeping an eye out at home is a good idea too, just in case they're thinking of practising their creative skills on other objects. 

Special washable felt tip pens

There are also special washable felt tip pens in the market. With these felt tip pens you don't have to worry about stains on clothing, because they disappear in the washing machine.

Frequently Asked Questions about how to remove felt tip pen

How do I remove permanent marker from clothes?

There are various DIY products you can try to remove felt tip pen from clothing, such as alcohol, scouring agent, whiteboard markers and milk. You can remove felt tip pen or marker pen effectively with specially developed products, such as HG stain away no. 2.

Which HG product do I use to remove permanent marker from clothes?

Do you have marker pen on your clothing? It is best to use HG stain away no. 2. This product removes marker pen from fabrics easily and effectively.

How do I prevent marker pen from getting on clothing?

Having marker pen on your clothing can happen to anyone. Remember to take precautions with children in particular in the form of an apron to protect their clothes.

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