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Hygiene is of the essence in the bathroom and the toilet. Limescale, skin grease, hair, soap residue, mould and other general dirt, they can all damage the porcelain of the washbasin and toilet, the tiles, the grouting, the drain and chrome fittings. All these problem areas require specific treatment for prevention and for cleaning and repair. With HG products you can keep your bathroom and toilet clean and fresh.

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HG shower & washbasin spray

  • Daily shower cleaner

HG shower shield

  • Prevents limescale and other dirt

HG steam-cabin cleaner

  • Ready for use

HG hygienic whirlpool bath cleaner

  • Made of natural substances

HG scale away foam spray

  • Removes limescale thoroughly and quickly

HG bath shine

  • Highly concentrated

HG mould spray

  • For tiles, silicon seals, plaster, etc.

HG mould remover foam spray

  • For tiles, silicon seals, plaster, etc.

HG natural stone bathroom cleaner

  • Extremely concentrated

HG natural stone protector

  • Protects against the penetration of moisture, dirt and stains

HG top protector

  • Maximum protection against oil, grease and dirt

HG toiletseat cleaner

  • Maximum hygiene

HG toilet renovation kit

  • Gives your toilet pan a new lease of life

HG hygienic toilet area cleaner

  • Quick-drying toilet stain remover with a fresh fragrance

HG hair unblocker

  • For blockages in the bathroom

HG gel unblocker

  • Absolutely no splashing at all

HG drain odour remover

  • Cleans and removes odours

HG air neutraliser for all bad smells

  • Does not mask but removes the source of the odour

HG against bin smell

  • This bin air freshener absorbs smells and provides a fresh fragrance

HG silicon seal remover

  • Even for the most stubborn sealant

HG cement grout film remover

  • For porous and non-porous ceramic tiles and flagstones

HG natural stone cement & lime film remover

  • Removes cement residue and lime film safely
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