HG liquid drain unblockerRemove blockages effectively

HG liquid drain unblockerRemove blockages effectively

HG liquid drain unblocker is a product for unblocking a blocked drain pipe in a handbasin, toilet, or shower trap. This liquid drain cleaner works thoroughly and effectively and does not affect plastic pipes. This drain unblocker liquid is a ready-to-use product, it does not need to be diluted, which means there is less chance of splashing. In addition to the 1 litre version, we also have a 500 ml version in our range.

  • Ready to use
  • Does not foam or splash
  • Results within 30 minutes


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HG liquid drain unblocker

HG liquid drain unblocker



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Drain unblocker liquid for any blockage

Do you need a liquid drain cleaner? With HG liquid drain unblocker you remove a blockage in virtually no time. This drain liquid is ready for use, does not foam or splash when it is poured down the drain pipe. Furthermore, the blockage can never be made worse by HG liquid drain unblocker as could happen with accumulated powder or granulate products.

Alternative drain cleaners in the HG range

Are you looking for an unblocker that absolutely does not splash at all? Use our HG gel ontstopper. Are you dealing with an extremely tough blockage? In that case, we recommend HG duo unblocker. For the kitchen drain we recommend  HG kitchen drain unblocker.

How do you use HG liquid drain unblocker (1L)?

Complete the following steps to unblock a blocked drain by using this liquid drain cleaner.

  1. Pour 300ml of HG liquid drain unblocker down the blocked drain.
  2. Leave the drain liquid to work for approximately 30 minutes and rinse with plenty of cold water.
  3. In case of a persistent blockage when the drain does not drain at all, let the drain, handbasin or toilet run full of warm/ hot water.
  4. Then add 300ml of the liquid to this water, leave it overnight and rinse it the next day with warm water.
  5. Avoid contact with the skin and of course keep this product out of reach of children.
HG liquid drain unblocker

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