How to clean laminate floors: The best tips to clean laminate

One of the main benefits of laminate flooring is its durability. However, in order to make the most out of this benefit, it’s important to regularly clean the flooring. This helps to maintain the laminate finish.

If you’re wondering ‘how do you clean laminate floors?’, then you’ve come to the right place. It’s important you use the right products, which can effectively remove dirt from the flooring, without damaging the laminate finish. In this article, we share our best tips on cleaning laminate flooring without leaving streaks.

It remains important to clean and maintain laminate

how to clean laminate floors

Due to their affordability and durability, laminate floors are a popular choice for homes across the UK. Laminate flooring does not scratch easily due to its protective synthetic coating.

However, over time laminate floors will start to show signs of use. It’s important to maintain and protect your laminate flooring to ensure its longevity. A key part of this maintenance is cleaning. You can see out tips below.

HG floor cleaning products: The best way to clean laminate floors

HG has various products in its range to protect and clean laminate effectively, each with various uses so you can select the product that is best for you. HG has a comprehensive range of laminate flooring cleaning products.

HG laminate cleaner is a concentrated laminated cleaner for all types of laminate floors. With this cleaner you can clean the floor quickly, safely and effectively. This products also does not produce a build-up of shine.

HG laminate cleaner shine restorer can clean your laminate flooring and restore its shine so it looks as good as new. This cleaner is good for regular cleaning and is safe to use. 

HG laminate cleaner extra strong is ideal for removing stubborn dirt and grease from all types of laminate floors. However, this extra strong cleaner also removes protective coatings. You should be sure to use this only before you use a pre-treatment for a new protective coating.

For daily cleaning, we also have HG laminate cleaner (500 ml). This is ideal for removing light dirt, such as dust and sand, on a daily basis. With this spray, the laminate is clean in no time. Check the product page for the instructions.

This is how you use HG laminate cleaner: 

  1. Dissolve 50 ml of cleaner in half a bucket (5L) of lukewarm water. If the floor is extremely dirty, a stronger solution can be made of up to 100 ml in half a bucket of water. For HG laminate cleaner extra strong you only need to dissolve 1 litre in half a bucket of water.
  2. Mop the laminate floor with a properly wrung-out mop or floor cloth.
  3. Rinse it regularly in the solution.
  4. Leave the floor to dry naturally. No need to rinse of mop afterwards.

HG laminate cleaner extra strong is ideal for removing stubborn dirt and grease from all types of laminate floors. This extra strong cleaner also removes protective coatings. That makes it suitable as a pre-treatment for a new protective coating. Check the product page to see how.

3 DIY ways for cleaning a laminate floor

best way to clean laminate floors

There are some tips on the internet for cleaning laminate floors. HG selected two tips. They do not guarantee a clean floor. For the best result, you can use HG laminate cleaner or HG laminate cleaner extra strong

Cleaning laminate floors with vinegar

Add small dash of vinegar to your bucket of lukewarm water and mop your floor. Be sure not to make the floor too wet and leave it to dry naturally to avoid streaks from occurring.

Clean laminate with ammonia

Add a dash of ammonia to a bucket of lukewarm water and clean the floor with a dry cloth. Be careful not to make the floor too wet. Dry the wet parts immediately afterwards with another dry cloth. 

If you have any other tips for cleaning laminate floors, feel free to let us know. You can also see our tips on how to clean a carpet and how to clean tile floors.

Frequently Asked Questions about cleaning laminate floors

Why should I clean laminate?

If you maintain and clean your laminate, it will last longer.

Which HG products should I use to clean laminate?

We have 5 products in our range you can use to clean laminate. Consult our Problem to Solution for Laminate to find exactly which product is best suited for your treatment.

Are there alternatives for cleaning my laminate floor?

You can try to clean your floor with vinegar or ammonia. These are effective at removing dirt without leaving streaks or damaging the laminate. However, they are not as effective as HG’s laminate flooring cleaning products.

Can you mop laminate floors?

You can mop laminate floors, however, be sure to use a microfibre mop to avoid damaging the laminate. Also don’t mop them too often, every 2 months is ok. Also make sure you use a solution which won’t damage the flooring, such as HG laminate cleaner.

Can you steam clean laminate floors?

We strongly advise against cleaning your laminate floor with a steam cleaner. The steam cleaner produces steam that comes between the seams of the laminate, which makes the subfloor damp and the floor is likely to expand and lift.

Can I use soap to clean laminate floors?

We’d recommend not to use household soap to clean your laminate flooring. This can make your laminate dull and produce streaks.

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