How to remove pollen stains from clothes | Tips for removing pollen stains from clothing

Lots of people love flowers. It's great to have them in our house. produce pollen that can leave some nasty stains. Getting lily pollen stains out of clothes is particularly difficult, as those stains are really stubborn. In spring, you quickly end up with stains if you walk outside. How to remove flower pollen stains from clothing? It is easy to remove pollen stains with our convenient tips. 

It is simple to remove pollen stains from clothes with HG

how to remove pollen stains from clothesYou want to remove pollen stains from clothes quickly and effectively? HG stain away no. 5 has been developed specifically for pollen stains. Whether you need to remove nasty lily pollen or other, often yellow pollen stains from clothes. With HG stain away no. 5 it is quick and easy to remove all sorts of pollen stains from clothes.

Complete the following steps to use HG stain away no. 5 to remove pollen from clothes:

  1. Test HG stain away no. 5 in an inconspicuous place first.
  2. Remove as much of the pollen residue as possible.
  3. Fill a dish with HG stain away no. 5. Submerge the part of the fabric with the stain in the solution.
  4. Soak the garment in this way for 10 to 15 minutes.
  5. Rub the fabric against the fabric and then rinse properly with warm water. You can repeat the treatment if necessary and leave it to soak longer. Make sure the liquid does not dry out.
  6. For smaller stains, you can put the garment on an absorbing white surface. On white tissue for example.
  7. Dab with a cloth drenched in the product. Rinse it thoroughly with warm water.

Tips for removing lily pollen from clothes?

With HG stain away no. 5 removing pollen stains is a piece of cake. There are also a number of DIY stain remover products. However, we cannot guarantee that they work. You use them at your own risk. 

1. Leave it to dry

You leave the stain to dry, preferably in the full sun. Then brush the pollen from the clothes.

2. Remove pollen from clothes with Sellotape

You can try to remove as much pollen as possible with a piece of sticky tape. It is often a good idea to then soak it in a mixture of water and detergent. Or to use the following tips.

3. Remove pollen with lemon juice

You can apply lemon juice to the stain and then wash the garment as quickly as possible.

4. Hydrogen peroxide for white clothes

For white clothes, you can put hydrogen peroxide on the pollen and then wash it in the washing machine immediately. Remember! This is an extremely aggressive product.

Prevent having to remove pollen stains from clothes.

how to remove lily pollen stainsThere are a few convenient tips that can help to prevent pollen from getting on your clothes. Or that make sure the stain doesn't get any worse.

1. Never remove pollen from clothes with you hand

Whatever you do, don't try to brush off pollen with your hand. Your hand has grease that makes the pollen bond to the fabric.

2. Cut off the stamen

To prevent lily stains on clothes, it is a good idea to cut the stamen from the lilies. You can do the same for other flowers where the stamen are easy to reach.

If you have a good tip on how to remove pollen from clothes, please let us know!

Frequently Asked Questions on how to remove pollen from clothing

How do I get pollen out of clothes?

You can remove pollen stains from clothes by:

  • Leaving the stain to dry
  • Removing it with sticky tape
  • Applying lemon juice
  • Using hydrogen peroxide for white clothes

How do I prevent pollen stains?

You can prevent nasty pollen stains by:

  • Never wiping the pollen with you hand when you have a pollen stain.
  • Cutting the stamen from the flowers.

Which HG product do I use to remove pollen from clothes?

HG stain away no. 5 has been developed specifically to remove pollen stains from clothing.

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