HG chewing gum removerThe effective chewing gum remover

HG chewing gum removerThe effective chewing gum remover

HG chewing gum remover easily removes chewing gum from a range of surfaces. This chewing gum remover freezes stuck-on chewing gum and hardens it. The chewing gum can be removed easily when it is frozen.

  • Makes chewing gum removable by freezing it
  • Works very fast

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HG chewing gum remover

HG chewing gum remover



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Buy an effective chewing gum remover spray for a range of surfaces?

Stuck-on chewing gum has been a problem from the moment chewing gum was introduced. Stuck-on chewing gum is not only disgusting, but also hard to remove. It is also distasteful and annoying when it gets stuck on a shoe, for example. The chewing gum remover spray by HG is perfect for making stuck-on chewing gum removable from a range of surfaces. Stop experimenting with old-fashioned home remedies and use an effective and specific solution for removing chewing gum instead. This bubble gum remover is suitable for removing chewing gum from clothing or car seats, for example.

How do you use HG chewing gum remover?

Follow the steps below for correct use of HG chewing gum remover. The gum remover spray comes in a handy spray can that makes it easy to apply in a precise manner.

  1. Fix the tube onto the spray can and spray the chewing gum remover as close as possible to the chewing gum.
  2. Then remove the chewing gum with a blunt knife or the hollow side of a spoon. On smooth floors a filling knife can be used, if necessary. 
HG chewing gum remover

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