HG dashboard spray matt finishFor a car interior like new

HG dashboard spray matt finishFor a car interior like new

HG dashboard spray matt finish makes the interior of the car look like new. The matt cockpit spray cleans and protects all types of synthetic materials, plastic, rubber, vinyl and leather. Ideal for maintaining the car’s interior! The matt finish of the cockpitspray ensures that interior does not start to shine because of the spray. The complete interior of the car looks like new after using the cockpit spray. Makes the dashboard and other parts look better immediately!

  • Cleans and refreshes
  • Does not add any shine
  • Fast and convenient

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HG Dashboard spray matt finish for complete maintenance of any car interior

For a dashboard spray it is important that it leaves a wonderfully fresh fragrance after the treatment, but not a detectable greasy coating. HG dashboard spray matt finish does not add shine, cleans and refreshes and is quick and convenient to use too. The car dashboard spray maintains the car interior. For cars with a shiny dashboard look, we recommend HG dashboard spray shine finish. HG dashboard spray has a fresh fragrance and is quick and convenient.  

How do you use HG dashboard spray matt finish?

Complete the steps below to clean your car perfectly with our HG dashboard spray matt finish.

  1. When you use the cockpit spray you should shake the can well. 
  2. Hold the can upright and spray the surface thinly and evenly with HG dashboard spray matt finish from a distance of about 20cm. 
  3. Do not leave to dry, but polish immediately with a clean, dry, and lint-free cloth. For places that are difficult to reach, first spray onto a cloth and clean the surface. 
  4. Remember that you do not use the Cockpitspray for the steering wheel, pedals and seats because it makes the surface slippery. 
  5. The interior of the car looks like new again!

HG dashboard spray matt finish

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