HG beeswax brownNourishing brown beeswax that prevents drying out

HG beeswax brownNourishing brown beeswax that prevents drying out

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Looking for brown beeswax for dark wood? HG beeswax brown nourishes clear, antique and stripped oak and other types of wood, which prevents drying out. The brown beeswax makes wood darker and provides a satin shine, also on the stains where the wood has become discoloured. 

  • Nourishing brown beeswax for wood, prevents drying out
  • With extra shine

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How do you use HG beeswax brown? 

Follow the steps below for correct use of HG beeswax brown.

  1. Shake the brown beeswax well before use.
  2. Apply HG beeswax brown to the surface and polish with a soft cloth.
  3. Leave the dark beeswax to penetrate for approximately 15 minutes and then polish until the furniture shines.

For light wood types we advise HG beeswax and for other wood types HG beeswax yellow.

HG beeswax brown

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