HG gold shine balsamThe effective gold balsam polish for removing scratches

HG gold shine balsamThe effective gold balsam polish for removing scratches

Do you need to restore shine to gold objects? HG gold shine balsam removes scratches on gold jewellery and objects and ensures they shine again. This gold balsam polish makes polishing gold much quicker and easier.

  • Makes gold and gilt look like new
  • Removes scratches
  • Also suitable for gold-plated objects

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HG gold shine balsam

HG gold shine balsam



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Polish gold to restore shine

Sometimes gold jewellery looses its beautiful shine, and it can become dull in colour. This is because gold is soft and prone to scratching. These scratches break the light falling onto the gold and its shine is reduced or even lost. Cleaning alone does not restore the shine, you need HG gold shine balsam.

How do you use HG gold shine balsam?

Complete the following steps to remove scratches easily from gold with HG gold shine balsam and make sure it shines again:

  1. Shake the bottle well before use.
  2. Apply a small amount of HG gold shine balsam to a soft clean polishing cloth and rub it gently into the gold object.
  3. Polish the gold balsam with a clean cloth until you get a shine. Use a clean piece of cloth.
  4. A regular polish of gold? In that case we recommend HG gold & jewellery shine cloth.
  5. HG gold & jewellery shine cloth can also be used safely on gold-plated and gilt objects.
HG gold shine balsam

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