HG hand cleansing gelThé hand cleansing gel for stubborn dirt

HG hand cleansing gelThé hand cleansing gel for stubborn dirt

HG hand cleansing gel removes oil, grease, ink, soil and other stubborn dirt quickly and easily from your hands without being harmful to your skin. HG hand cleansing gel is a unique and very powerful hand cleansing gel with a pleasant fresh fragrance.


  • Super powerful
  • Works safely and quickly
  • With a fresh fragrance
  • Dermatologically tested

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HG hand cleansing gel

HG hand cleansing gel



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Hand cleansing gel for even the most stubborn dirt

Sometimes hands are so dirty that ordinary hand soap isn’t strong enough, for example if you’ve been working on a car or in the garden. HG hand cleansing gel is a handcleaner for grease that removes stubborn dirt and grease from your hands after handiwork, no water needed. The hand cleansing gel is alkali-free, and economical to use thanks to its great cleaning power and the user-friendly pump. This hand cleaner has been dermatologically tested and is safe to use.

How do you use HG hand cleansing gel?

Follow the steps below for correct use of HG hand cleansing gel.

  1. Push the pump once or twice and rub in HG hand cleansing gel with normal hand-washing movements.
  2. Your body temperature soon melts the hand cleaner gel so that it penetrates deeply into the pores of your skin.
  3. The hand washing movement loosens and removes the dirt.
  4. Now rinse off thoroughly with clean water and dry your hands.
  5. The result is clean hands!
HG hand cleansing gel

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