The special HG do-it-yourself products make your jobs a lot simpler in and around the home. Whether it's the easy removal of wallpaper or the effective removal of rust, HG has the solution! Also if you need to do some painting but you don't feel like....., the choice is simple: HG!

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HG floor glue remover

  • Much better than all others

HG sticker remover

  • Removes e.g. sticker glue, rubber-based glue, sellotape, tar and smear marks

HG rust remover

  • Removes rust without sanding

HG silicon seal remover

  • Even for the most stubborn sealant

HG wallpaper remover

  • Super concentrated wallpaper removal

HG UPVC “powerful” cleaner

  • Powerful against atmospheric contamination, nicotine and other dirt on UPVC surfaces

HG is unmissable for any job

HG is unmissable for any job

HG is unmissable during DIY. Our products make any job a lot easier, both indoors and out. Dissolving rest, removing oil stains and dissolving stickers: the HG range can do it all. And once the job is done? Our special cleaner for dirty hands will quickly have your hands looking presentable again.