HG moisture absorberAbsorbs moisture and prevents mould

HG moisture absorberAbsorbs moisture and prevents mould

The HG moisture absorber reduces the humidity in damp rooms to an acceptable level. The HG moisture absorber is extremely suitable for the caravan, boat, shed, cellar, wardrobe, or any other rooms in the house. Prevent all the harmful consequences of too much humidity, such as condensation, musty smells, mould, damp patches, vermin and wood rot with an HG moisture absorber.

  • Tall jug, prevents spilling and pours safely
  • No skin contact with double-walled basket
  • Works quicker and longer

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HG moisture absorber

HG moisture absorber



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Moisture absorber that works quicker and longer

The HG moisture absorber works on the basis of moisture-absorbing granules; it is noiseless and works without electricity or batteries. The round moisture-absorbing granules have a larger absorbent surface than the more common flakes. The round shape creates more room between the granules, which ensures more humid air can flow past the granules. Our basket has been shaped to maximise the air contact. This makes the HG moisture absorber quicker, work longer and it extracts up to 1.5x more humidity from the air than comparable systems.

The HG moisture absorber is extremely suitable for the caravan, boat, shed, cellar, wardrobe, or any other rooms in the house. For an easy refill of the moisture trap or other systems, there are HG refill moisture absorber granules neutral or lavender, in a resealable bottle

How do you use HG moisture absorber?

Follow the steps below for optimum use of your HG moisture absorber

  1. Remove the lid from the granule basket. 
  2. If the granule basket is used for the first time, push the upstanding bottom down and click it into the basket. 
  3. Pour the moisture trap granules into the basket. 
  4. Place the lid back on the basket and replace the granule basket in the HG moisture absorber. Put the moisture absorber trap back in its place.

Depending on the relative humidity, an HG moisture absorber with 450 grams of HG moisture absorber granules works for 2 to 3 months in a space of approx. 40 m3 With the convenient pouring jug, getting rid of the collected moisture is no longer a tricky job. No more spilling or stains! The double-walled HG granule basket ensures your hands do not come into contact with the granules. Always clean hands!

HG moisture absorber

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