HG has specific air freshener products for all types of unpleasant smells in the home. They are often caused when cooking or frying food, or by smoking or toilet visits. But also unpleasant smells in clothing, the settee or dog's bed can be effectively removed using our specific aircare products.

This wide range not only features various types of sprays, but also moisture absorber granules to remove or prevent unpleasant smells and odours in the shed, for example. Always a fresh house thanks to HG!

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An HG air freshener to truly remove unpleasant smells or odours.

An HG air freshener to truly remove unpleasant smells or odours.

HG has a truly effective air freshener for all types of unpleasant smells or odours. The HG air freshener products do not simply mask the smell using perfume, as standard air fresheners do, but actually eliminate the source of the smell. HG air neutraliser for all bad smells removes odour molecules from the air, in the bathroom or living room for example, while HG eliminator of all unpleasant smells removes the source of the odour on a specific surface, such as clothing, a settee or a chair.

Preventing unpleasant smells and odours

Of course the best option is to prevent unpleasant smells in the home where possible. Excess humidity in the home not only results in condensation and a musty smell, but sometimes even an unpleasant odour and mould. Our moisture absorber granules absorb this moisture from the air in order to prevent such problems. A smelly vacuum cleaner is another annoying problem, which is simply solved using our HG vacuum cleaner air freshener. Unpleasant odours in the rubbish bin can be prevented by using our special product against bin smells. It effectively absorbs any smell and replaces it with a fresh scent. And how about a smelly cat litter tray? Our unique and organic HG cat litter deodorizer simply prevents any cat litter tray smells, so it doesn't need to be emptied as often. And so you can always rest assured of a freshly scented house using the various HG aircare products!

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