HG natural stone protectorProtects against the penetration of water, stains and dirt

HG natural stone protectorProtects against the penetration of water, stains and dirt

HG natural stone protector (product 35) invisibly protects marble and other types of calciferous natural stone against the penetration of water, stains, dirt and limescale. The perfect start for good natural stone and marble maintenance.

  • Protects against the penetration of moisture, dirt and stains
  • Ideal for bathrooms, kitchentops, window ledges, tables, etc.
  • Also suitable for use outdoors

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HG natural stone protector

HG natural stone protector



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Natural stone protector with many uses

Prevent dirt and stains on natural stone? Polish marble and other natural stone? Our marble polish seals and protects natural stone and other calciferous natural stone invisibly against water, dirt and limescale, making it perfect for wet areas such as bathrooms, kitchentops, window ledges and tables. Marble polishing can also be used outdoors, and greatly reduces the risk of discolouration, efflorescence, frost damage, mould and algae. 250ml is enough for 5-10m².

How do you use HG natural stone protector?

Follow the steps below to polish and protect your natural stone floor with HG natural stone protector.

  1. Apply the undiluted marble floor polishing cleaner liberally in one direction and straight strokes using a paint roller or brush. On vertical surfaces, always work from top to bottom.
  2. After approximately 4 minutes, remove any leftover liquid using a lint-free cloth.
  3. Apply 1 to 2 extra layers after the first layer for optimum protection of extremely porous surfaces.
  4. Stay away from the treated surface for about 12 hours, and do not expose it to moisture.
  5. The surface is oil, grease, dirt and water repellent after 24 hours.
HG natural stone protector

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