HG refill moisture absorber granulesWith lavender aroma

HG refill moisture absorber granulesWith lavender aroma

HG refill moisture absorber granules lavender are suitable for filling the HG moisture absorber. Our moisture absorber ensures that the humidity in humid areas in and around the house becomes acceptable. Refill moisture absorber granules lavender is suitable for the boat, cellar, wardrobe and any other humid rooms in and around the house. Using an HG moisture absorber prevents harmful consequences of overly high humidity, such as mould, damp patches, vermin or wood rot.

  • Work quicker and longer
  • Absorb up to 1.5 times more humidity
  • Can also be used in other systems

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Moisture absorber refill with a fresh lavender scent?

HG refill moisture absorber granules lavender can also be used for all other moisture absorber systems that use loose moisture absorbing flakes. They can also be used in systems that use ready-to-use refill bags with moisture-absorbing flakes. By using HG’s refill moisture absorber granules lavender, those moisture absorbers work quicker and longer. The benefit? Our refill absorbs up to 1.5x more humidity from the air! If another system has holes and the refill moisture absorber granules lavender falls through? Cut a coffee filter or tissue to the right size and place it over the holes. That way the granules don't fall in the tray, whilst the absorbed moisture can still drip into it.

How do you use moisture trap refill lavender?

For a correct use of the refill moisture absorber granules lavender, please complete the following steps.

  1. Check 1x a month whether there are any granules in the granule basket. If the granule basket is empty, pour the HG "moisture absorber pouring jug" out in the drain.
  2. Remove the lid from the moisture absorber.
  3. If the granule basket is used for the first time, push the upstanding bottom down and click it into the basket.
  4. Pour the lavender refill granules into the basket.
  5. Place the lid back on the basket and replace the granule basket in the HG moisture absorber.
  6. Put the moisture absorber back in its place.

HG refill moisture absorber granules

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